JAIL is the most occupied spot on the board mainly because of the GO TO JAIL spot, which makes JAIL like two spots in one. It also has the chance and chest cards which add in to it. Illinois is the most landed on property because it is in close dice distance to JAIL and in has itís own chance card. But in fact it is better to own the Orange spots together. This was figured out by averaging out the separate spots into their color groups. So, relatively, the most occupied set of spots or monopoly are the Orange spots, mainly because they are 6, 8, and, 9 spots away from JAIL, very high dice numbers. Then the Red spots and The Railroads came in third. (See the Final Results Two below)
      There are only two errors that can be accounted for. The Rules of Monopoly state that the Chance and Community Chest cards are never to be shuffled. They must remain in the same order throughout the entire game. Unfortunately the had calculations were set up so the cards were random. So, that each time a player lands on a Chance or Community Chest he has an 1/16 chance of getting any of the cards in the pile. But in a real game after one card is used the next person has a 100% chance of getting what ever card is next the pile. The Get out of JAIL Free card poses another problem because the rules state that the card is kept until needed or sold thus making the denominator in some of the equations 15 not 16 because there is one less card in the pile. Again, there is no way to account for that in the calculations.
      If the project were to continue to a next step it would have to be to incorporate the values of the properties and all other money values. For example is it more cost effective two own four houses each of the Green set of spots rather than buying hotels. In other words, using the advantage and disadvantages now known to figure out mathematically what are the best buying strategies in the game.