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Colonization/Colonial Timeline
1572 Sir Francis Drake goes to Panama
1584 Sir Walter raleigh sponsors Roanoke colony: Negroes, Colonists and Indians vs Spain (fails)
1603-40 Growing tensions between Parliament and Stuart monarchy over prerogatives and religion
 James I, 1603-25; Charles I, 1625-49; Cromwell, 1649-60 ; Charles II, 1660-85; James II, 1685-88   (Catholic); William III, 1688-
1604 Hampton Court Conference: James refuses to tolerate Puritans 
1607 Jamestown established by Virginia Company: attracts mostly single men, indentured servants, poor
1608 “Separatists” go to Holland to flee Anglican intolerance
1619  John Rolfe introduces tobacco to Jamestown
1620 Plymouth established by Puritans sponsored by Virginia Company
Mayflower Compact
1624 New Amsterdam established by Dutch West India Co.
VA Co. dissolved, VA becomes a colony
1629  Massachusetts Bay Colony est.  by Mass. Bay Co. at Boston
Winthrop and John Cotton lead: Congregationalism, “City on a Hill”
1630s 20,000 emigrate to New England area: mostly yeoman families. 
Gentry develops slowly (sumptuary laws)
1631-5 Roger Williams banished for extreme separatism. Establishes Providence, Rhode Island
1634 Anne hutchinson banished for antinomianism
1638 Eaton and davenport est. New Haven
1649 English Civil War; Commonwealth/Protectorate 1649-60
1651 Cromwell’s Navigation Act
1660 Restoration of Charles II
Charles’ Navigation Acts
1664 New Amsterdam captured by British from Dutch and renamed New York for Duke of York (James II)
1676 Bacon’s Rebellion, VA
1668 James II converted to Catholicism
1681 Charles II charters Pennsylvania for William Penn; Philadelphia founded. Quakers settle
1686 Dongan Charter in New York
“New England” established as new administrative area. Sir Edmund Andros, Governor
1688 Glorious Revolution
1689  Andros overthrown in Boston
1689-91 Leisler’s Rebellion overthrows Gov. Nicholson of New York
1692 Salem witch trials
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