Standard Debate Form

We will split into two teams, one defending(pro) and one refuting (con) the statement assigned.

You may break up responsibilities in whatever way your group chooses.

We will follow a standard debate format:
pro, 5 min; con, 5 min;
pro rebuttal, 5 min; con rebuttal, 5 min;
alternating free-for-all, 25 min (be sure everyone participates)
pro concluding remarks, 2 min; con concluding remarks 2 min.

We will end with a non-partisan vote.


use language appropriate to the task
use humor, irony, hypotheticals, rhetorical questions, sarcasm, hyperbole, analogy and other rhetorical devices when apropriate
support your arguments with factual material and quotes whenever possible
do not allow your opponent to establish the grounds for debate
do not repeat previous arguments unless you can support them in a novel way or elaborate  upon them
coordinate your team so as to use each member most effectively
be gracious to your opponents
watch the clock
consider your audience
you are graded by team, so be sure everyone participates

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